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Te Rekamauroa is phase one of our unique Te Ahu o Te Reo Māori programme; tailored and contextualised for the education sector incorporating local dialects, history, stories, songs, haka and narratives.

Tōngakingaki - Commitment

Hours: 120hrs total - 80hrs in class,  30hrs SDL, 10hrs optional tutorials.

Times: 6 x Full-days: 8:30am-3:30pm. 3 x Mon evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm. 4 x Tues evenings: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Duration: 10 weeks.

Release Days: One Friday (full-day).

Ngā Taumata - Levels

Level 1 – Beginners (English mode of delivery)

Level 2 – Advanced Beginners (English mode of delivery with minimal use of te reo Māori)

Level 3 – Introductory Intermediate (English mode of delivery with increasing use of te reo Māori)

Level 4 – Intermediate (Bilingual mode of delivery)

Level 5 – Advanced Intermediate (Bilingual mode of delivery with minimal use of English)

Level 6Proficient (Total immersion mode of delivery)

Level 7 – Advanced Proficient (Total immersion mode of delivery)

Kaupapa Ako - Subjects


Reo ā-Iwi - Tainui Dialect

Whakamahi - Use

Tikanga o te Reo - Grammar

Marautanga - Curriculum

Whakarauora - Revitalisation

*Taught at Akoranga Whakahihiri


Kōrero tuku iho - Tainui history, stories of the past, traditions, oral tradition

Kīwaha - Idioms

Whakataukī - Prophetic sayings

Mōteatea - Traditional song

Waiata / Hīmene - Song / Hymns

*Taught at Kura Whakahihiri and Tikanga Tūrei

Whakahaere - Delivery Mode

Kura Whakahihiri - A full-day workshop in person held on the first and last wānanga of each intake. 

Akoranga WhakahihiriA one-day wānanga with one Pūkenga. Participants will spend the entire day focussed on one subject. 

Tikanga Tūrei - Four evening sessions to learn Tainui customs and traditions with two Pūkenga on Zoom.

Mane Marau - Three evening sessions to practice

Wero - Challenges

Challenges are presented by the Pūkenga at the conclusion of each Akoranga Whakahihiri for students to complete. You achieve the subject and Te Ahu o te reo Māori - Te Rekamauroa ki Tainui when you successfully complete all wero.

Rā Whakapūmau - Graduation Day

An in-person celebration held in Waikato on the last day of each intake.

Tae ā-tinana - Attendance

In order to get the most out of this te reo Māori programme, participants are encouraged to attend all delivery sessions. To successfully complete Te Ahu o te Reo Māori participants are expected to meet a minimum attendance rate of 85% as approved by TupuOra and required by the Ministry of Education.

Tahua Tautoko - Teacher Release Funding

Each graduate, regardless of position, will receive $500 + GST when they achieve the course to support teacher release costs. All funding is afforded to your respective kura, it is not allocated to individual participants. 

For further enquires, please contact the Te Reo Māori Group at

Mā wai? - Who can participate?

Registrations are open to:
Teachers and Principals from early learning services through to secondary school
Kaiako, Tumuaki and Kaiako Matua from kōhanga reo through to wharekura
Non-teaching and Support Staff in kura, schools, wharekura, early learning services and kōhanga reo
Whānau (Parents and Caregivers) participation is also permitted with approval from the centre/school


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